OHHF in the News

Hello to Friends and Family,

Saturday, October 13, was the Hartford Marathon. I ran it to help raise money for a very important charity, the Owen Henderson-Howes Foundation, Inc. whose purpose is to provide help to those with spinal cord injuries. My fundraiser target goal was $2,000. IT HAS MORE THAN DOUBLED!!! MANY THANKS TO ALL OF YOU!!!

Running the marathon went very well for me. It was an awesome experience. My finish time was better than I was hoping for. I wanted to finish in 4 hours. I actually finished in 3:47:52.

It turned out to be a perfect autumn day. The temperature was in the low 50’s with a light breeze. ‘The wind was at my back’. The marathon course was changed (first time in eight years) and was even more scenic, as it went through quaint neighborhoods and along the revitalized riverfront.

I wore a sign on the back of my shirt that said:
“I Am Running This Race For Those Who Can’t Helping Those With Spinal Cord Injuries Owen Henderson-Howes Foundation Inc. www.OHHF.org”

During and after the race, many runners approached me to say that my sign was an inspiration to them, and that it was a nice thing to do. All I can say is that just thinking about the kindness and generosity of all of you who donated to this wonderful charity kept the adrenaline pumping and energized me throughout the entire run! I had many of my fellow workers, who donated, sign their name on my arms (in permanent marker – it’ll come off in time…). When I felt tired, I just glanced at their names which gave me a new surge of energy. I did have wings on my feet. And each one of you was a feather in those wings!!!!!!!!!!!!

There were many bands along the course. One band in particular stood out to me. He was in a wheelchair, a one-man band. He played his guitar accompanied by his awesome voice!!! I was in awe as I ran past him just before the turnaround point. On my way back I knew I needed to go up to him and let him know that I was running for him! He acknowledged it with a grin and a nod. I continued on, energized once more. A couple of women near me who watched, told me it was a very nice thing I just did.

I want to thank all of you again, who donated, for what you are doing. YOU’RE making it possible for this great charity to continue to help others with spinal cord injuries!! Thank You So Much! May God Bless You All!!!

Sincerely, Mae Hawley